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"Santiago Physical Therapy is the best care I have ever received for PT services. My sessions ae consistent hands-on therapy WITH the physical therapist along with constant observation from the PT and awesome staff to encourage and assist! Superior treatment from beginning to end. I learned so much about correct posture and exercises specifically for me. The entire staff is genuine, caring, and work so well together; they make hard work fun and entertaining!"
Apr 18, 2019
"I have been to other Physical Therapist's and have to admit, Santiago PT is far superior to any other facility my medical group has sent me to.. It is hard to find a PT who is also equine knowledgeable. Having fractured my L2 last year, (part of the injury involved landing on my hip), both the treating doctor and previous PT saw no relation between the fracture and the weakness I had in my hip. They signed it off as my osteopenia, and left it at that. I have been seeing Patty for two weeks. I went from the sensation of dragging my leg, to now walking up to 3 miles for the first time in a year. I am taking it slow and steady. This is the first time the pain has diminished i a year.I I first met Patty, randomly, at an art show last December. She asked if I was hurting, and a quick interview followed. When you discover a genuine person who undertands equestrian riders, and how to get back into shape, do what I did - go see them! Our bodies are not supposed to hurt and Patty is helping me get as "back to normal" as possible."
Apr 12, 2019
"I had been to a large physical therapy facility prior to going to see the AMAZING Santiago Physical Therapy team. The large physical therapy facility does not even compare. Patty, Susan, Andrew and Colleen are true professionals and very knowledgeable of their craft. They took such great care of myself and other patients while I was there. They are very detailed in individual care of their patients. This is the only Physical Therapy office I would ever recommend. "
Apr 10, 2019
"Over many years, Jim and I have both benefitted from Santiago Physical Therapy’s outstanding service to our community. Patty, Susan, and Andrew are a perfect team for exemplary care. Colleen confidently and masterfully manages the desk, accounts, insurance and appointments. Jim has recently received knee care to improve his knee strength and mobility so as to complete a month - long trip to live and work in the Wyoming wilderness. Complete success. No small feat! He will be returning after his upcoming knee surgery. I have benefitted over the years when wrestling with neck, ,knee, and hip issues and joint replacement recoveries. All results have been remarkable! I just had two hip replacements before attempting a trip to Italy and Sicily and am happy to report that I was able to walk a total of 98 miles in those two weeks. I ran up and down stairs, climbed many hills and danced down the streets! You can trust them all to put your successful care and recovery first and foremost! They are totally awesome, and I love and trust them all. You can’t do better than Santiago Physical Therapy.."
Feb 10, 2019
"Thanks to the Santiago PT Team! With your knowledge and encouragement, the recuperation from the two hip surgeries and one knee replacement has gone very well. Will see you in February after the other knee is done."
Dec 19, 2018
"Each member is very friendly and makes you feel welcome each time you come. The physical therapists are extremely knowledgeable, caring of each person and totally willing to answer any questions that you might have."
Dec 08, 2018
"I first met Patty in the early 90’s at her previous office in Valencia, prior to her opening Santiago Physical Therapy in Acton where I lived. Unfortunately, due to my line of work I have been injuried several times in the past 30 years, so I was happy when she opened Santiago Physical Therapy in town. I have seen Patty for knee, hand, shoulder, and back injuries. Patty truly cares about helping you get better and back to work. She, Susan, Colleen and Andrew are always friendly and very professional. Patty has gone out of her way on several occasions to help answer my questions and fix my broken body. I would Highly recommend Santiago Physical Therapy to Anyone. "
Nov 26, 2018
"I have been going to Santiago Physical Therapy since 2009. I acquired many injuries while working for The City of Los Angeles and Patty fixed all but my right knee. That had to be replaced. I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH THE THERAPY GIVEN HERE. EVERY TIME I HAVE A FLARE UP, I GET MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION TO RETURN TO SANTIAGO PHYSICAL THERAPY. It works for me."
Nov 12, 2018
"I received an order from my orthopedist for physical therapy because my hands had gotten old and arthritic. It was hard to open doors. My grip wasn't sufficient to unscrew tight jars. From Day 1 I felt welcome and comfortable with all the staff. The therapy I received was excellent! After my allotted visits, I had great function back! Nice to be able to do the tasks again that used to be so easy. Very grateful!"
Nov 08, 2018
"Therapy at Santiago PT was very beneficial to me even after finishing several months ago. I can do more now than prior to therapy. They were very professional, friendly, and good at what they do. It is a real pleasure to know they are so close by if I ever need them again. Thank you all. "
Oct 26, 2018
"Patty and Susan are two of the best Physical therapists I have ever met. They are very passionate about the work they do. There knowledge and compassion is exceptional and they provide the very best resources and exercises to get you on your way to a faster recovery. I would highly recommend Santiago Physical Therapy for anyone looking for a professional, clean, and friendly place to heal. "
Aug 04, 2018


“Treated well, helped a lot.”

Barbara H.

“100%, THANK YOU :)”

Leigh S.

“A basket case pre PT. Now I look forward to going and I always feel good post PT exerecises.”

Fran G.

“I think the residual pain is not related to the excellent PT I received. I appreciate all your patience with me and all the wonderful care. I always recommend you!”

Joyce B.

“Extremely pleased.”

Diane U.